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Medical Tourism

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Samara Regional T.I.Yeroshevsky Ophtalmic Hospital Russian Federation

19 Candidates of Science, 8 Doctors of Sciences, we have been working since 1963, 35,000 surgeries per year

We treat:

  • Comprehensive diagnosis of ocular diseases in adults and children
  • Microsurgical treatment of a cataract
  • MAGEK Excimer Laser Vision Correction
  • Microinvasive treatment of eye diseases
  • Microsurgical treatment of eye diseases
  • Surgical correction ofstrabismus 

Samara Regional Clinical Ophthalmology Hospital started its work in 1963. Its creation was initiated by the outstanding ophthalmologist Tihon Ivanovich Eroshevsky, so the hospital is named after him. Today T.I.Eroshevsky Hospital is one of the leading and modern equipped eye institutions of the Russian Federation for the provision of ophthalmosurgical care and vision correction in a variety of eye diseases and conditions.

Hospital n.a. T.I.Eroshevsky is an expert level in ophthalmology and has a wide specialization: from the latest technologies of laser and refractive surgery, cataract surgery, glaucoma surgery, laser treatment of retinal pathology, surgical correction of strabismus, vitreoretinal surgery to ophthalmotraumatology.

Thanks to the modern surgical equipment and skills of ophthalmosurgeons, treatment is carried out at the highest level, allowing to minimize the probability of complications and make the postoperative period shorter and more comfortable

Innovative skewing surgery

Surgical correction of strabismus of any complexity in children and adults. Non-operative technique for elimination of strabismus is chemodenervation of extracular muscles (injection of botulotoxin into the ocular muscle).

Diseases of eyelids and lacrimal tract

We perform surgical correction of congenital abnormalities and acquired cosmetic defects - blepharoptosis, lagophthalmos, entropion and ectropion, fat hernias, blepharochalasis.

Correction of eye optics disorders (myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism)

By implantation of additional intraocular (phakic) lenses. The use of modern microsurgical technologies, modern high-efficiency lenses allows to minimize the risk of complications and shorten up the rehabilitation period.

The whole spectrum of glaucoma surgery

From microinvasive interventions to implantation of complex drainage systems, including in-house surgical interventions. 

Retinal diseases

Vitreoretinal microsurgery 25-27 Gauge for treatment of severe retinal and vitreous diseases, including combined pathology. Modern equipment, single use tools and consumables, as well as modern surgery techniques allow to operate vitreoretinal pathology, in adults and children. 


Microsurgical treatment of cataract of any complexity and some types of optical disorders of the eye is carried out by modern sutureless method of ultrasound cataract phacoemulsification. Various models of modern soft artificial crystalline lenses of the leading global manufacturers, including aspherical, astigmatic (toric) are used and multifocal 

MAGEK Excimer Laser Vision Correction

Developed in the Samara Regional Clinical Ophthalmology Hospital named after T.I.Eroshevsky. This no flap technique of laser vision correction allows to perform surgical interventions with sparing of physiological structure of the cornea. The MAGEK ® technique allows maximum sparing of corneal tissue and to perform surgeries even in patients with thin cornea combined with high-degree myopia. 

We offer patients:

  • Modern technologies
  • Individual approach
  • High level and quality of medical service
  • High qualification of experts
  • Diagnosis and treatment of eye pathology in adults and children 
  • Maintenance at all stages of treatment

About 25,000 patients trust us every year.

Hospital  n.a. T.I.Eroshevsky is a clinical base of the Department of Eye Diseases of Samara State Medical University and Research Institute of Eye Diseases.

The level of the clinic and the unique team of highly qualified specialists - 8 doctors of sciences and 19 candidates of sciences in ophthalmology - give an opportunity to provide all patients with full and rapid access to the latest medical achievements in the field of ophthalmology.

The level of the clinic and the unique composition of highly qualified specialists - 8 doctors of sciences and 19 candidates of sciences in ophthalmology - provides an opportunity to provide all patients with full and rapid access to the latest medical achievements in the field of ophthalmology.

In order to provide specialized ophthalmological care quickly, the Hospital T.I.Eroshevsky provides foreign patients with a service of distance consultation by doctors of our clinic.

Patients are offered with rooms of high comfort. It is possible to accommodate a patient and an accompanying person. If necessary, our manager will help to find the optimal accommodation option depending on the cost and conditions of accommodation in the hotel or health resort located in walking distance from the clinic. For the convenience and comfort of our patients, we provide a transfer service between the hotel and the clinic.

Hospital managers provide individual support to patients at all stages of treatment.


Ilia Sergeevich Kazakov

Head of ophthalmological microsurgical department, ophthalmologist of the first category. Performs the full range of vitreoretinal interventions, including 25-27- Gauge vitrectomy.

Stepan Yurievich Turovskiy 

Head of the Department of Refractive Microsurgery, ophthalmologist of the highest category. He masters all kinds of methods of excimer-laser correction of refraction anomalies.



Elena Vladimirovna Karlova

Doctor of Medical Sciences, ophthalmologist of the highest category. Head of glaucoma microsurgical department. Performs all kinds of glaucoma surgery.

Olga Vladimirovna Zhukova

Doctor of Medical Sciences, ophthalmologist of the highest category, chief pediatric ophthalmologist of the Samara region and Volga Federal District. Experience in ophthalmology is more than 35 years. She is one of the leading specialists in strabismus and pediatric ophthalmology. She performs all types of eye surgery in children, including plastic and aesthetic surgery in children and adults.


To find out about examination and treatment:

- fill in the application form on our website
- E-mail us: zrenie-samara63@mail.ru
- Call: 7 (927) 266 09 97


443068, Samara, 158, Novo-Sadovaya str.
Phone: 7 (927) 266-09-97
Email: zrenie-samara63@mail.ru


Версия на русском